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Witches_of_East_End_LogoThe first season of “Witches of East End” is ended. I know that the last episodes was broadcasted one week ago but I had to think about it a lot before making this post. I don’t really know if I liked “Oh, What a World!” or not because everything happened too fast and Freya’s wedding was really short.


First of all Penelope finally got what she deserved because she was evil but she was useless. She spent her life in searching of revenge but, in the end, her plan was simply stupid and without a point.

withceeesfightAnother stupid thing during this episode was the fight between Penelope and Wendy. Both of them have magical powers but they decided to fight with hands and punches. That’s stupid! Why didn’t they use magic? Why did they use punches and hands like in an old Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie? Well, in the end this scene was a mess.

imagehandlerLet’s talk about Freya‘s wedding. They decided to protect all of them with a blessing and, at this point, Joanna found out who really was Penelope. At the same time, Freya know who really is her love because, do you remember the tarots?


So, in the end, she decided to choose Killian and she left Dash. In the meanwhile the two brothers got back their powers and Dash, angry about the wedding, uses magic against Killian who seems dead but, who knows? Will Freya and him finally get together during the second season? We will see

freyaweddingcriyngAnd what about Ingrid? She found out that she is the key for Asgard thanks to Mike who seems a little bit creepy, crazy and a sicko.

ingridmikestopAfter fighting with you and a gunshot she finally opened the portal for Asgard and in the last scene a shadow appeared in the portal. Who is? The lost son of Joanna? Her father? Someone else? We have to wait until next year to know how the Beauchamp girls’ adventures continue. This season finale is not so good as I expected but the all season is quite great so I hope that the second will continue in this way.