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HIMYM Marshal intro ep.13

Marshall is almost arrived when his bus gets broken, and when he decided to walk he meets the Mother! I still don’t understand how did the mother to recognize them, I know that Lily explained everything but dunno if she showed her some pics as well.

HIMYM Marshal and the Mother

Anyway he now has a safe ride to the Farhampton Inn. In the meanwhile, over there the “devil” was playing his game, we are actually just talking about the band guy, who took the mother’s place in her own band and he is particularly good at distorting friendships or at least that’s what he had been trying to do with Lily and Robin and Ted and Barney.

HIMYM the devil

Luckily, their friendship is stronger than this and instead it was an occasion to declare their true feelings. What he gained from all this? Well he got a punch in his face by Ted, letting Ted gain a double scotch offered by the mother. They are finally in the same location, the day they’re going to meet is getting closer, and still I can’t avoid to think that the day the show is going to finish is closer too. There are moments when I wish to have my own Linus (check Thank you Linus, and Thank you Linus 2.0).

HIMYM Marshal and Lily back together

It’s time now, for another couple to fix they’re own problems, and while Lily was punching Marshpillow, Marshall and Marvin are just behind her back. Their love is so powerful, and they are so good at transmitting that feeling that we al wish to find our Marshal or our Lily, but then you face reality and you suddenly wake up from the dream.

Waiting for next episode, next year, to live the dream again.

xx K.