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Thank you Linus, the mother

During this last series we are learning little by little something more about the mother. We found out how she met Lily (on the train), Barney (in the grocery store) and now Marshall, giving him and Marvin a lift. To me she seems an union of some characteristics of the group of friends, I mean she reminds me a lot of Lily and as Lily she refuges into alcohol and here we go with “Thank you, Linus” version 2.0, but Lily is still the best to me!
At the same time she has a band as Marshall used to, she is looking for the love of her life as Ted, and she seems creepy sometimes as Robin does (above all when she talks about the guns). I still don’t know what to associate to Barney but I’m sure I will during the next episodes.
Looking forward to know more about her.

And don’t miss the comments on this last episode tomorrow!