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Revenge, Wedding Nolan and Emily

The day is finally arrived, the day when Emily Grayson is going to be shoot. Everything is set up, Victoria is coming to the wedding thanks to the push of her beloved son Patrick, and even the problem Lydia seemed fixed. Let the revenge begin!

Revenge, Victoria holding the picture
Unfortunately, Conrad decided to find his heart today, bringing Lydia to the yacht…poor Emily she tries to control everything but people are really difficult to interpret. Thanks to Lydia, Victoria has finally the proof that she was looking for since she met Emily.

Emily’s plan has failed, she has now to face Victoria, I bet she wanted to do it since the first day. When she is finally seeing an end to all this, she stops to be the kind girl she used to.

And here we go with what I wasn’t expecting at all. Who shoot Emily, and poor girl she wasn’t even expecting to get shot for real. DANIEL finds the truth!!!!!!

I’m a bit relieved for him, I think he would have been glad to contribute to the revenge somehow but he is not happy to have beee fooled for 2 years. Above all now that he had to say goodbye to his real love…poor kid.

revenge, daniel shooting at emily

Now, is Emily really hurt? and were the hell is she now? I mean you can’t take off a wedding dress that easily above all in the sea.

revenge wedding dress

We know she will be back, she has too, what would be the series without her. But what will be the consequences? Will she tell the truth about her identity? I hope Aiden and Jack (glad he forgave Emily) will find her soon.