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homeland the star

Homeland season 3 came to an end and what an end! OMG!
Watching this last episode I was wondering where it would have led me. I actually thought that it was quite boring at the beginning all the rescuing Brody part. I personally don’t like obvious conclusions to the stories, but I wouldn’t ever imagined what happened during this last episode.
Once Brody got prisoned a series of incredible events happened.

Homeland, Brody prisoned

Damn it, it was over! Saul couldn’t do anything to help him, and poor Carrie and their kid. OMG! The way they said goodbye was so devastating. I actually never liked Brody’s character but still I never imagined that he wouldn’t have been part of the show anymore. And I am even more sorry that he wouldn’t be recognized for what he has being doing for his country. Would Carrie tell his family the truth? What about Dana? I mean we spent entire episodes on her.

Homeland, Carrie while Brody's execution Homeland, Brody's execution

What we know now is that Carrie will go to Istanbul, even if we don’t know yet if the fourth season will be settled there (it’s high possible tough), but will she take the baby with her or will she leave her to her father?

homeland, carrie pregnant

I’m anxious to know more, can’t wait for next season. We’ll miss you Brody.