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A behind the scene picture of last episode of Scandal. But look at Jack Coleman (aka Daniel Douglas Langston ) is taking a selfie into the coffin. Moment that deserve to be remembered. Besides this funny side of the story, Daniel Douglas got murdered by his wife and Cyrus covered it up, while Mellie saw an opportunity to take off of competition, once and for ever Sally.


But the real revolution is that Liv’s mother fooled everybody and Olivia didn’t take it well something completely understandable but I think she got to emotional in the “kill my dad, save my mom” thing. I mean she lost her main gift: be focused.


Fitz always tries to help her, but meantime he really wants to get rid of Olivia’s father, and he got his man. Jake took that place now…would he be evil as much as Rowan Pope was?

Moreover, because of his character that is in love with Liv, Scott Foley (aka Jake) claimed during Jimmy Kimmel Live that everybody “hates” him now, since we all sustain  Fitz and Liv. What do you think?

Have a look to the interview: