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We know by now that nothing could proceed normally in Grey’s Anatomy and April’s wedding couldn’t not following this rule.

Our lovely Jackson stepped ahed and declaimed his love to April, I really hoped he was over it. I mean, I don’t like Stephanie but still he could have stopped this wedding earlier. Now the question is: who’s she going to choose?


Something that I cannot really stand is what is going on between Christina and Meredith. What is going on? I don’t like it! I want them to be friends again, but I get that Sandra Oh will leave the series at the end of the season so they have to find a way to separate them, but still…Meredith is getting mean and jealous.

Meredith and Christina

Will she have trouble as well with Derek now that the President needs him?

Derek call from the President

Well we’ll see it next year, in the meanwhile we will be waiting for some news about the choose.

xx K.