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homeland cover

We have just one episode left before the end of this third season of Homeland. And right now I’m really worried about how they’re going to leave us this time.

Brody in Tehran

During this last aired episode Brody made it to be accepted by Akbari into Iran and its population acclaimed Nicholas Brody, identified as the American Marine who bombed hero (as Javadi specified) as hero.

This acclamation made Brody change his mind (once again) about his mission to kill Akbari. I mean the guy has serious problems. How can you not get insane after all he has been through?

And as said, during the final scene, the most coherent person on heart decided to instead accomplish his mission, not after splitting everything about the CIA plans. Dunno what but something about what Abkari said on Abu Nazir made he change is mind.


Now the question is: is he going to make it once again, escaping from Tehran with Carrie’s help?
And, if so, what are they going to do? Be back in the States and just say “hello everybody, it wasn’t Brody attacking Langley, we fooled you” and most of all everybody knows it was him killing Abkari in Tehran.

I guess we’ll find out in next episode…oh I forgot about the baby…Well, let’s see.