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revenge photoshoot

The day when Emily Thorne is going to die is getting close and Emily is making sure that everything is ready for her plan, starting with making sure that Daniel will marry her.

As we discovered during the previous episode Emily, is “carrying” Daniel’s baby to be sure that doubts won’t affect the young Grayson, who’s still in love with his ex girlfriend Sara. The smart Emily finds a way to let everybody know that she is pregnant so that the poor Daniel is trapped and also his sister, actually Amanda’s sister as well (wait does it make Daniel and Emily siblings somehow? never thought of that), stopped trying to push him into Sara’s arms.


Victoria, besides finding out this news, finds also her old friend Lydia, that she helped saving before the airplane explosion of season 1.  Lydia knows that Emily worked at one of Grayson’s parties as a waitress few years before her appearance in the Hamptons, and that was why Emily wanted to kick her out from the scene. Unfortunately, she is back and finds again the proof (the picture of the reception) she needed. How will she use it? Will Emily know about it before she messed up?

new year 2003

Meanwhile the double life girl conquered another engagement (come on there are girls that barely get one and she gets two in the same period!), with Aiden this time, her real love…or supposed to, I’m not that sure about it. Will they be able to get their own life as Ross’ cousins? I really don’t want to.


Said so, Victoria never stops surprising us, deciding to step back and NOT going to her son’s wedding, ruined Emily’s plan or apparently so. Have a look to next week episode’s promo to know a bit more.