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First of all thank you so much Julie Plec for making this series so goooood! This last episode was OMG! Damon and Elena are Wes’ prisoners and we finally found out what happened to Damon when he got in that cell in 1953.

Well above all we found out about ENZO!


The guy who actually permitted Damon to escape got a not so appropriate recompense, since the damn hot Damon (in this scene hotter more than ever, I never believed it could have been possible) left him burning…or that’s what he thought. We shouldn’t be that surprised, we always knew he is/was selfish but still the comparison is comes immediately to our mind: Stefan would never done it.


In the meanwhile the poor Stefan, suffering of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) found a special help, besides Caroline, there’s the attempting suicide Katherine.

As we already have been fearing, there’s definitely something going on between the two and as far I am not that happy of this happening I am not disgusted as I would have been a couple of season ago.

Besides this parenthesis the focus is still on Damon and Elena. Since we found out the Damon in order to revenge decided to kill Withmore’s family members as Aaron’s parents and his aunt Sara, his last tutor in the family. Damon has been lucky that he just got shot at the head.

Last but not least Enzo is alive and I feel Damon’s problems are just started. How’s going to react Elena? Will she wish she never left Stefan?

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