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It was 1987 when CBS decided to create a new drama based on a famous fairy tale. So the creator Ron Koslow invented “Beauty and the Beast“. Starring Linda Hamilton as Catherine (The Beauty) and Ron Perlman as Vincent (The Beast), the show gained the attention of the public and the love story beetwen Catherine & Vincent became very popular.

batbFor the first 2 seasons the serial was a big success but the 3rd season, without Linda Hamilton who was pregnant by that time, was a flop so the channel decided to cancel it. Even if it was composed by only two seasons, the series became very popular and the legendary love story between the two characters remained in everybody’s heart. So, I want to dedicate this TBT to this incredible show and to the television couple Linda/Ron who is, in my opinion, one of the most awesome in television’s history.


I recommend to watch this series to everyone because it’s very different from the “reboot” version of “Beauty and the Beast” starring Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan because it was darker and emotionally strong. So, if you are a fan of love stories and of adventures, you have to watch this show without any doubt.