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Let’s suppose we have a show and we need a super hot French/Italian (it depends on the case actor who should we call? The answer is just one: Gilles Marini.

gilles mariniThe French actor/model Gilles Marini with greek and italian origins moved to the States during his 20s to pursue the modeling career, after the photographer Fred Goudon discovered him in Paris, where he was working as fireman. Before that the worked at the family baker and then joined the French army.

He is now overused in TV series as the classic European sex symbol. Where did we see him?

Let’s start with Sex and the city – the movie, where he is particularly recognized for his shower allowing us to see him mother naked.

gilles marini shower sex and the city

Moving to Brothers and Sisters where he is Sarah’s french boyfriend and then husband Luc Laurent.


His entrance in the show is Unforgettable with the whole Walker family looking at him swimming, if you don’t remember or you loos it take a look:

Moreover, he had cameos also in Ugly Betty, Dirty Sexy Money, Royal Pains and Hot in Cleveland to name a few.

In 2009 took part to Dancing with the Star, edition that he didn’t win for just 1%, he came back to the show 3 years later for the spacial “all stars” edition.


Lately Gilles is known for  his character Angelo Sorrento in Switched at Birth, Bay’s biological father and latin lover.


And since he never gets enough he is also now interpreting the french chef  and bakery school director Nicolas in 2 Broke Girls.

tumblr_mwxyqshalf1qieco0o3_250nicolas 2 broke girls

What we know is that the guy has no problem at showing his body, and i would add “good for us”.

He’s next work will be to portray and Italian chef in Kristie, Kristin Alley new show. We wish him all the best!