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I am so glad that this season of The Vampire Diaries is keeping me in tension as the first two. Few comments on this last episode:

1. I love Nina Dobrev when plays Katherine, I think that I love her as much as I hate her in the Helena version (she became so annoying!)


2. Is the sparkle between Katherine and Stefan coming back? It actually would be weird, but Stefan deserves a bit of happiness, the poor kid has always suffered so much.

3. Is Katherine really going to die (I hope not) but how are they going to face her aging issue? Excluding the suicide option this time (BTW What a jump!)


6. Loved Bonnie new hair cut, and love Jeremy!

7. Poor Caroline she has any luck with men.

8. Can somebody explain me what is Aaron‘s role? I can’t wait to figure it out. To me he is still in the pool of Melrose Place.

Shaun Sipos Melrose Place

9. What the hell is happening to Damon? He’s one the Augustine’s vampires? What should that mean? I’ve the perception he going to be their new problem that can’t solve by killing as they did for Jesse.

Damons Salvatore 53

They were supposed to be few comments but I couldn’t stop.
Let’s wait ’til next episode.