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One of the most appreciated actor and human being of the last period is for sure Ashton Kutcher. These last few months have been intense for him with a lot of work going on: Two and a half men, Jobs, and his new role at Lenovo. It is not that usual that a celeb becomes an employee of a tech company.

aplusk twitt about lenovo

Let’s do a wrap up of his acting career, which started in 1998 with “That 70’s show” where he has been working ’til 2006 co-starring Mila Kunis (he’s actual girlfriend).

70s-show Kutcher and Kunisthat 70's show

It’s 2004 when one of his most acclaimed movies gets to the big screen, I’m talking about “The Butterfly Effect“. And it’s the same period he was dating Demi Moore (married in 2005 and split up in 2011).

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Moreover, the actor was the creator, host and producer of “Punk’d” where celebrities were victims of pranks a sort of candid camera show, I won’t never forget what he did to a younger Justin Timberlake. The MTV show was on air from 2003 to 2007 and then in 2012.

 10rioib.jpgtumblr j.timberlake a.kutcher

In 2011 starts taking part to the successful comedy series “Two and a half men”  (starting from its 9th season) replacing the “problematic” Charlie Sheen. His first episode went on air the 9.19.2011 becoming the most watched episode since then, with 28.7 million people. (I assume that’s the reason why he gets paid $750,000 per episode).

2 uomini e mezzo Two-and-a-Half-Men

But Ashton doesn’t forget about cinema, he’s lately out on big screen with the film “Jobs” dedicated to the early life of the founder of Apple.

The guy, as Jobs, is passionate for technologies (his Twitter account was the first reaching 1 million followers beating CNN at the “Million followers contest”) and invested in some startups (as Skype, Airbnb and Foursquare). For he’s several talents he’s now being hires as product engineer at Lenovo (the Chinese technology firm).

Ashton-Kutcher-jOBs kutch

He is not just talented, handsome but also incredibly smart, check his speech at 2013 Teen Choice Awards, it is not usual hearing a celebrity having a speech like this. So guys remind to “always be sexy” with your mind!