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Last episode of How I met your mother was so hilarious, I loved it, maybe the funniest of the series ’till now. Starting with baby Marvin driving,  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it, it was awesome!

baby Marvin driving

Basically the episode was focused on Barney’s family. Family is completely reunited for the first time with the two fathers of Barney and James and the mother, Loretta. And here we go our musical Barney is back on screens with his idea of how the family should be, that is in opposition with the idea that James has, leading to a “fight” like only the two of them could have had.
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Moreover, the episode reminded us something that we shouldn’t have forgotten, the Pineapple Incident. Do you remember when Ted woke up with a pineapple in his room during the 10th episode of the first season? Well, our Detective Mosby hasn’t still figure out what happened, will we find out before the end of the series?
Mom and Dad