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I don’t know how it is possible but I still get surprised when I see things like the ones happened in this eight episode of the 3rd season of Revenge. Well, it is true that Revenge is not like all the other series, it is special and super intriguing. But, seeing Emily using the oldest trick in the world to keep a man, in this case Daniel, was amazing.

Apparently, Emily declared him “we are pregnant” but the best part was Daniel’s face ahaha. Poor Emily you can manage and control every situation and Victoria but it’s hard with Daniel’s heart.

We're pregnant- Revenge
(Who’s baby is the one in the eco? Is it really hers? Don’t think so)

Surprises never finish during these last 5 minutes of the episode a person that I  had completely forgotten of , Lydia Davis, ex best friend of Victoria, who was supposed to die in the plane crash (wait also Victoria was supposed dead during that crash but we all know how it ended), is still alive and ready to reveal all Conrad’s secrets to Margaux, our Voulez magazine owner.


Is it going to be an other obstacle for the dear Emily/Amanda or will it play at her favor?

(Here’s the video of the 1st season finale with the plane crash news)