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american-horror-storyYes, it’s true, the “White Witch” will join the cast of “American Horror Story: Coven”.

Stevie-NicksStevie Nicks, member & vocalist of one of the greatest band in the world, “Fleetwood Mac“, will join the cast of the series as guest star. Ryan Murphy revealed the news via twitter some days ago.

ryanmuprhystevie nicks

It’s unclear if she will portay a witch of something else, but it is clear that she will have something with Misty Day (Lily Rabe) because, everybody knows, she has an obsession with Stevie’s voice & Fleetwood Mac’s music.

american-horror-storyLily Rabe revealed that she is obsessed too with Stevie & that will be an honor to act with her. So, what do you think, Stevie Nicks will portray a witch or something else? What will be her story? And most important, what Fiona will do? I think that this picture summarizes her personality & her reaction.


If you don’t know Stevie & her music, I would recommend you to listen to her voice in this song, “Sara” from the album “Tusk“, one of the best from Fleetwood Mac.