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I’ve been pretty charmed by last episode of The Vampire Diaries and I’m happy to say that this season is bringing back all the thrills of the first two. A lot happened during last Thursday episode and i feel a lot will as well. TVD katherine, dr maxfield and caroline

First of all it seems that Katherine, survived to the expelling of the cure from her blood, but she’s starting loosing pieces (she lost a tooth!)  and starting thinking she might die. Apparently 500 years are not enough for her and wants to keep breathing.
After conspiring with Caroline agains Dr. Maxfield she seems to need his help to understand what it is going on. The question is: will this happen to Silas as well?

Our new bad guy (Paul Wesley is reviling being pretty good interpreting Silas, I have to say) is back being a witch and he seems happy of that, feeling like a “supernatural Madonna” continuing changing himself.

Silas supernatura Madonna

What came out from the episode is that Silas’ beloved Amara never died, and the evil Qetsiyah/Tessa decided to link the supernatural other side to her life. But guess what? She’s tired of living, and decide to drink the cure from Silas’s blood.

amara drinks the cure from silas

I suppose our friend Silas won’t be particularly happy of that since he decided to be back a mortal because he thought she was dead.

Can’t wait for next Thursdays to see what happens next!