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White Collar

This 5th season of Withe Collar seems reviling once again the dark side of Neal Caffrey. We always knew he was ready to commit a crime but ’til now he never crossed the line. Once he succeed to make Peter free, he’s starting being blackmailed by Hagan (who’s now free because of this) and criminal acts never stopped.

This last episode (“Controlling Interest”) our beloved Neal meets a special doctor Mara Summers, who instead of making criminals starting a new life exploited them for her own benefit. Her point of view is that a criminal will always be a criminal, and Neal seems quite convinced of that.

White Collar - Season 5x04

The final scene of the episode was quite pragmatic, Neal wants to be free and starting playing according to his rules and nobody else’s ones, both FBI and Hagan. Demonstration of that? He stole the 2 mln dollars that the doctor stole from a criminal giving them to Mozzy (aka Teddy) who’s fortune is gone because of Seigel previous investigation. Why does Neal steal? “Because it was there.

Is he going to start making his fortune once again (once the treasure one is gone) to organize to escape?
We will see if Neal would be capable of disappointing Peter that much.