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thank you, Linus

What I’ve been appreciating the most of this 9th, and unfortunately, last season of How  I Met Your Mother (I’m wondering what can substitute it next year), is Linus. What should I say, he has such a central role in the show. But still, Lily thanking him for each cocktail makes me smile each time and the guy finally had a line on monday’s episode. Quite shocking!


What surprised me the most is to find out who is this actor. Well, we are talking about Robert James Belushi. The name sounds familiar? Yes, it is like it seems, he is Jim Belushi‘s son!

robert and jim belushi

Linus became really popular on the web (I guess because most of us would like to have a personal bartender on certain days) and you can find videos of Lily thanking him for 15 minutes!!

After this excursus on this character next week we’ll go in depth into the season details, so, don’t miss it.