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Well, well, well, this last episode of The Vampire Diaries (“Monster’s Ball”) definitely revealed us one thing: the bitch never dies. Of course, I am talking about Katherine that after running for 500 years from Klaus is now surviving also to Silas. I really thought she was dead for good and I was already starting missing her from the scenes (at least she spices up a bit the series) when she opened back her eyes. The question is: what is she now? Still human or back a vampire? And I kind have the feeling she would like to revenge but we will find it out soon.

What’s important is that Katherine found her daughter, and apparently she has a piece of heart in that body since she came back to look for Nadia when she escaped for the first time. My favorite part of the episode has been when she started making a list of all the bad actions and the best is when she first appeared in Mystic Falls. If you don’t remember it (and I am pretty sure you do) here’s the video of the scene of the season 1 finale, ENJOY!

A lot more happened in the episode (e.g. Tyler leaving Caroline to follow Klaus, and so joining The Originals) but we will have time to discuss about it in the next weeks.