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This last Grey’s Anatomy episode literally blew my mind!! I finally felt again all the emotions it used to gave me. In fact, besides a little spark in the first episode of this 10th season, the other episodes didn’t really excited me. Unfortunately, I have to say that this mom Meredith is kinda boring, but that’s life so we can’t really blame her.

I can’t properly explain what changed in this episode but the atmosphere was definitely scary and super in Halloween theme, Shonda Rhimes did a marvelous job (as she is doing for Scandal, have you seen it?? Just loved it!). What I am more glad of is having Joe’s bar again in the show and above all the tequila, Christina drinking tequila is best! Do you remember when she was a bartender? Of course it wasn’t her best time but still it was funny. But I am curious to know the consequences of the night.

Christina bartender

So, cheers everybody and enjoy the weekend!