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Just few minutes left at the beginning of the second episode of the 4th season of Pretty Little Liars. The first episode didn’t convince me that much…come on a pig in the car?? i was better to find directly Wilden’s body! SO, i do really expect more from this episode..can’t wait!

It really seams a good start!!!
Secret, secret and more secret, what’s going on with Toby will he actually find out something about his mother? Moreover, Miss Marion has always been suspicious but today is even more…where did she actually lose her phone? What happened to her beautiful Manolo?

Aria finally enrolled to taekwondo/self defense classes, is she becoming smart??

Tippy, the bird, is incredibly creepy and I still cannot believe that that girl keep feeling safe in their own houses!

The episode was definitely better than the first one, I just don’t want to wait for a week for having a new episode! I want it more NOW!!

Xx K