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J.J. Abrams scelto per Star Wars

Last minute news for J.J. Abrams fans: the farseeing director and producer got recruited by Disney to create the 7th chapter of the fortunate serie “Star Wars”. Yes, you got well, the American golden boy has been elected to bring back to life to now of the most popular sagas of the big screen with a seventh all new and mistirious episode. What we can say is that Disney has undoubtely made the right choice (but of course he’s not perfect, he also produced crappy stuff, such as  Super8), we all have in our hearts Lost (we miss it!!), but some questions come to our minds:

1. What about Star Trek? I mean, Star Wars and Star Trek have always been rivals and Abrams has been chosen as director of both. Paramount already announced a third chapter of Star Trek. So, how is gonna be realize those two movies in such a short period and having the audience rich of expectations? Is one going to suffer for the other? It doesn’t really seem to me a typical director’s move.

(Star Trek full cast)


(Star Trek: Into the Darkness will be out in June in the USA)

2. Right now there are two tv series created by J.J.: Revolution and Person of Interest. What is going to be of them? Will their quality suffer because of these two big films with Paramount and Disney? I really hope not, since Revolution, to my personal opinion, is one the most interesting series presented in television year 2012-2013.


3. Moreover, besides two tv series and two films, our best friend would like to lauch new pilote since Fringe is over it happens to have some “spare time”.
J.J. Abrams scelto per Star Wars
4. Our never satisfied golden boy also agreed on filming a fourth episode of Mission Impossible still in production and still on mystery.  
(I really can’t wait for the coming back of Revolution in March!)
 Concluding: 2013, 2014 and 2015 seems to be three intense years for our favourite  director and creator and we really hope he will succeed giving us lots of emotions with all these projects (and we don’t doubt on that). We’ll keep you posted with all news we will be aware of about “Star Wars” and “Star Trek”.